ABOUT NumericalL

NumericALL specialises in upskilling local talent with world class techniques.  In a market impacted by digital transformation and innovation, we provide solutions for companies by offering world-class  training in digital skills.  

Our vocational trainings provide professional skillsets to prepare learners to be immediately operational with new technologies.  Our initiation and orientation trainings allow learners to gain insights about new technologies and set their goals for their future careers


The first coding school

in Luxembourg

NumericALL’s web development training was initialized in 2015, in partnership with the European Social Fund and the ADEM in Luxembourg, as Fit4Coding. After receiving the Digital Skills Award from the European Commision in 2017, for the category “Digital Skills for the Labour Force”, in 2018 we began to offer the web development bootcamp in English, as Fit4CodingJobs. The same programme, reinforced,  is now delivered as Coding Jobs, at the CNFPC in Esch-sur-Alzette.

Our other training offerings include teh WebForce3 programme in France, in partnership with the French government and with EURES. In Luxembourg, we run the programme of CodeStart, in partnership with the Ministry of Education Digital Luxembourg, and our new offering, My Compass, is an orientation bootcamp for digital jobs, run in partnership with Inco and the JP Morgan Foundation.


Business model

We look at market needs in terms of competencies, and we look for pedagogic solutions that have already proven successful, such as the web development bootcamp model of WebForce3 in France, and the Big Data training by NPL in US and Russia.

We leverage our expertise of Luxembourg market, then we adapt the model to get as close as possible to the local market needs.

We constantly look for continuous improvement, taking permanent feedback from coaches, trainees and hiring companies


Meet some of our Alumni

Trainees come from very diverse backgrounds, to set out on a new path, upskilling for a career change. Some of our alumni talk about how they changed careers by training with NumericALL.

Yousra A.

Background: Career re-starter

Thank you for this opportunity you gave me and my classmates. Just keep going, you don’t know how many lifestyles you’ve changed with this training”.

My Compass Session 1, December 2020 – January 2021

Mitchio W.

Background: Student

Works as: Full stack developer

Thanks for these 4 months which have been life-changing to me. I now work as a full stack web developer in a digital marketing agency.

The job is great. I have a great team, the project is super interesting and we have very ambitious prospects ! As my contract is mostly remote and hours are flexible I’m free to work wherever/whenever I want, which is a luxury not many people can afford”.

Joanna W.

Background: Data Specialist, Logistics  &  Operations

Current role : Business Analyst

“The bootcamp was a great experience as I was looking to pick up new programming/development skills. I am currently on a project involving the upgrade and optimisation of a large and complex database, and I definitely think that the training readied me for this position. It was not easy, some previous experience is useful to keep up with the lessons. Some self-study, research and practice was also required to better understand the material (learn how to learn) but it was definitely worth it! ” 

Coding Jobs Session Session 2, May – August 2020

Nishtman K.

Background: restaurant employee

Works as: Software Engineer

Personally the training was a great opportunity and changed my life my career for the better. Before the training I had knowledge of HTML and CSS but after the training I have a software engineering job”.

Fit4CodingJobs Session 4, January – May 2019

Liliana G.

Works as: Application Developer

Background: biomedical science

“Four fantastic months, I will always be grateful to NumericAll and ADEM for this opportunity that changed my life.

To be able to exercise a profession after four months of training is something extraordinary.”

Joao F.

Background: cook

Works as: Software Engineer

“The training was very intensive and I experienced a great increase of knowledge, which allowed me to change to a completely new field.

If you like programming, its something that will change your life for sure.”