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Alumni testify about their career change and their experience of training with NumericALL


We trained more than 280 certified junior developers

Meet our alumni and find out more about their new jobs in real life

Bobby S. — Front end developer and web designer

Fabio G.  — Software engineer

Liliana G. — Application developer

Stefano — Front end developer

Diana C. —  Back-end developer

Meet some of our alumni

Trainees come from diverse backgrounds. Some of our alumni talk about how the changed careers by training with NumericALL.

Liliana G.

Works as: Application Developer

Background: biomedical science

“Four fantastic months, I will always be grateful to NumericAll and ADEM for this opportunity that changed my life.

To be able to exercise a profession after four months of training is something extraordinary.”

Joao Felicio

Background: cook

Works as: Software Engineer

“The training was very intensive and I experienced a great increase of knowledge, which allowed me to change to a completely new field.

If you like programming, its something that will change your life for sure.”

Fit4Coding Session 2

16 developers graduated from Session 2 of Fit4Coding in August 2017.

Fit3CodingJobs Session 4

Trainees of the 4th Session of Fit4Coding Jobs were certified in April 2019.