Alumnis visit Session 5 of Fit4CodingJobs

This Wednesaday Fabio Gonçalves Figuereido, alumni of session 3 of Fit4CodngJobs (December 2018) and full stack developer at KPMG, visited the class  to share his story and work expérience since graduation. Fabio was joined by his superviser, team leader Farhad Sepoy, who presented the KPMG company culture and life in the tech department.

Farhad’s message highlighted the trust and support available for new hires, who are guided and supported in a continuous learning process throughout their onboarding and integration in the dev teams. An energising and inspiring message for this session approching the beginning of the final team projects.

The visit was also the chance for Fabio to catch up with his mentor from the training, Rodislav Moldovan, who joined for the occasion.

Last Friday Sam Courtois, alumni of session 1 of Fit4CodingJobs (April 2018) and full stack developer at Reborn, was joined by CTO George Jentgen, to share his experience since graduating. Learning continues for Sam, applying new and innovative technologies to the projects he is working on. George highlighted the importance of finding the right company and the right experience to get your career started as a developer, and renforced our belief that graduates have a valable  are solutions for companies, who will value their  skills.

Both Sam and Fabio are working with technologies not taught in Fit4CodingJobs (ASP.NET, NodeJS, React, etc), but which they were able to learn easily by transfering the knowledge they learned here (Php, MySQL, Angular, Symfony), and applying the intensive learning process acquired in the boot camp training.

NumericALL is delighted to see the reinforcement of the paradigm that gave rise to Fit4CodingJobs: the combination of a graduating developer’s learning abilities, bootcamp mindset and can-do attitude,  with a strong desire to continue learning and to grow into a new career, supported and guided by experienced leaders creates the win-win opportunities for Fit4CodingJobs graduates and the companies that need their skills.

This week we were also privileged to host an exceptionnel opportunity with a workshop for the trainees of the current session delivered by Goran Dajovski, alumni of Fit4CodingJobs Session 2, and API Integration Engineer at Cap4Lab!