Career conversations webinar with Coding Jobs alumni 👇

Sharing, interacting, relaying are always a key of our practice in this bootcamp. We will innovate again with a new initiative.

Coding Jobs Career Conversations Webinar Series 1

Wednesday 30 June 4 p.m.

Hosted by Emeline Baud during  Employability Day

A meeting of past trainees of Coding Jobs, now back to work  in new tech roles, and the current cohort of trainees in NumericALL’s Coding Jobs web development bootcamp, at Terres Rouges in Belval (Coding Jobs Session 5, 17 May – 9 September )

Each participant, a former Coding Jobs learner, will talk about their return to work and their job experience. With this exchange we hope to help new students gain confidence and better understand the purpose of the Coding Jobs bootcamp.

For this event we are building on our usual practice of inviting an individual alumni to meet the cohort and testify.  With this webinar, we will expandthis practice toto boost the interchange, maximise the encounters while we continue to facilitate the knowledge exchange in our community.

The Coding Jobs Career Conversations online webinar with alumni will be on Wednesday 30th June 2021.