[Press] Techsense.lu : Launch of the first Low Code Training Bootcamp

NumericALL, a specialist of coding training with a track record of 300+ professionals having successfulyl integrated the professional market, in partnership with Positive Thinking Company, one of the main players in the digital and technological transformation in Luxembourg, is proud to offer a unique opportunity for business and IT professionals to learn about low code platforms and accelerate their digital transformation. The objective of this alliance is to accelerate the digital transformation of companies through the provision of new solutions and skills thanks to low code. The adoption of low code solutions by professionals and business people will help solving the IT resources scarcity problem on a national scale.

Low code platforms are visual software development environments that allow both company developers and citizen developers to easily create mobile or web applications by dragging and dropping components. By 2025, it is estimated that 75% of all company software will be made with low code, compared to just 20% in 2021.

Jean-Francois Lecomte, Manager of the Low Code Delivery Center of Positive Thinking Company stated, “Low-code application platforms are the key to unlocking the true potential of technology in any company. By simplifying the development process, we can empower individuals and organizations of all sizes to create custom solutions that drive innovation and progress”.

The benefits of low code platforms for companies are numerous: 

• The opportunity to re-use more applications components and dedicate more time to business logic and all other challenging artefacts (security, UX…); 

• The opportunity to delegate and train non-developers and then create a multiplier; 

• The opportunity to onboard new staff and prototype new applications faster and better; 

• Faster Time-to-Market and lower costs; • Developer offboarding is controlled: the knowledge stays within the platform; 

• Integrated governance & reduced maintenance.

Co-designed by NumericALL and Positive Thinking Company, the training bootcamp will take place over two weeks, 4 hours per day, (2 hours in group = 2 hours of individual work) and will allow participants to:

• Discover several low code platforms and their respective purpose and features;

• Discover the different layers of low code platforms: UI/UX, Front-End, Back-End and Workflows;

• Get lessons learnt and insights for a successful governance of low code projects between IT and business;

• Coaching will also be provided daily to answer questions, open new fields and ensure full participant’s success.

Yves Lepage, Co-CEO of NumericALL explained, “Given our experience in coding training, we have developed a proven methodology based on practical use cases and different low code platforms to initiate business and IT people to accelerate the digital transformation of their companies. At the end of the two weeks, participants will already know the fundamentals to develop an application and how to organise the governance of low code projects between IT and Business”.

Training Dates

The Low code training Bootcamp is proposed in inter-companies and intracompany modes.

Intracompany trainings can be full customised to companies’ needs.

The 2023 inter-companies’ sessions are planned on the following dates:

• March 13th-24th

• June 5th-17th

• September 18th-29th

• November 13th-24th

Training programme details can be found on www.numericall.com

Source: https://techsense.lu/news/launch-of-the-first-low-code-training-bootcamp