Discover the value of Low Code with the first initiation Bootcamp in Luxembourg

NumericALL and Positive Thinking Company are launching the first Low Code Bootcamp. It’s a unique coding bootcamp to learn how to demystify app building to digitize your business processes.

Next Sessions: (inter-entreprise)
  March 13-24  // June 5-17 // Sept 18-29 // Nov 13-24  


Low-Code Bootcamp

Initiation Program

Demystify Application Building:

  1. Discover the different layers of low code platforms: UI/UX, Front-End, Back-end and Workflows (+ Quality/Security of course).
  2. Build 1 application on 2 different platforms.
  3. Catch a glimpse of the Low Code potential.

Bootcamp Agenda 2023

Intra-entrepriseTailor-made diary
Inter-entrepriseSee below

Semester 1
1st Quarter : March 13-24
2nd Quarter : June 5-17

Semester 2
Quarter : Sept 18-29
2nd Quarter : Nov 13-24


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2 weeks initiation program

Low Code brings you for a two-week training. By the end of the course, the training teaches you how to leverage Microsoft Power Platform, (Dynamics 365, Office 365, Azure, etc.), Mendix and also how to build an app on each of these two platforms.  

Along the way, these groups grasp digital skills with new depth, preparing them as they determine their future studies & career paths.

Microsoft Power Platform

Learn the basics of Microsoft Power Platform. How to use PowerApps, PowerAutomate, and Dataverse, etc.


Discover the Mendix platform: you’ll practice on Mendix Studio, and Mendix Studio Pro

Build an App on each Platform

Thanks to the skills learned during this bootcamp, manage to create an app on Microsoft Power Platform and Mendix.

Join for the next Bootcamp

Over 2 weeks
4 hours a day x 10 days
2 hours with trainer (in presence 6 days – visio 4 days) + 2 hours by yourself
Daily individual follow up
Cross functional participation
Common tasks + flexibility for accommodate individual pace

Price 1 900,00 € HT

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Partners / Low Code

Positive Thinking Company are a global tech group of specialists that delivers end-to-end solutions. They believe that Collaboration Betters The World

Jean-Francois LECOMTE,  Director of Low Code delivery center at Positive Thinking Company supervised the program content and the training lowcode experts who will support the bootcamp