my compass

Orientation bootcamp – lead your way in the web!

My Compass is an orientation bootcamp for young adults in Luxembourg, to discover the jobs related to the web, and learn how to build a path towards these jobs.


New dates to be announces soon. Contact us for more information.


Whom is it for?


  • Young adults, 18-29 years old
  • Living in Luxembourg
  • No status limitation
  • No academic pre-requisite
  • Passion for the web, and eagerness to learn about the related jobs
  • Motivation to move on and build your own path towards such jobs


What do you get?


  • Upgrade of your computer skills
  • Hands-on, practical, technical training : designing, developing and marketing a website
  • Getting a clear understanding of 4 key jobs related to the web:        
    • Web designer 
    • Web Developer
    • Webmaster
    • Community Manager
  • Coaching to assist you in understanding your potential and identifying how to build the key competencies to get one of these jobs
  • An action plan to build such competencies and get closer to the employment market

How does it work?

  • My Compass is a hybrid clasroom/online instructor-led course : 4 days per week for six weeks, two days in classroom, and 2 days online.
  • 2 days (Monday & Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) of technical training, plus a ½ day of support. In designing, coding and marketing a website, you’ll understand the potential interest for you of some key professional roles in the web
  • 1 day (Friday) of employability coaching, to work on your job aspirations, build your career plan, become more aware of your potential, and understand how to build the skills you may be missing.
  • At the end, you have a website that you have built (!), and an action plan to find the training, education, internship, or apprenticeship which is relevant to get the job you understand and you want 

Who is behind this program?


  • This program is part of Inco Academy training programs that provide the knowledge, skills and habits necessary to secure in-demand, high-opportunity jobs in the changing economy 
  • Inco Academy provides equitable access to a portfolio of programs around the world
  • The program is also supported by JP Morgan Chase Foundation, a leading financial institution, as part of their responsibility and sustainability program
  • It has been designed and is executed by NumericALL, established in Luxembourg since 2015, a vocational training company committed to developing digital skills that companies and countries need, thus providing social inclusion opportunities
  • NumericALL was recognized by European Commission, winning the « Digital Skills for the Labour Force Award » in 2017


What does it take to participate ?


  • Program is free
  • It requires strong interest in the web, motivation to upgrade one’s skills and learn more about some key jobs related to the web
  • Good level in English
  • Basic computer skills
  • Positive environment (space, noise) to work and focus on online training during the “remote training days” for 6 consecutive weeks
  • Access to a computer with a good internet connection  (smartphones won’t work)
  • You will be asked to test the capabilities of your computer ahead of your registration 

What are the next steps?


  • Think about the relevance of the program for you, given your job aspirations, irrespective of your current status
  • Think about your ability to participate with conditions that will make the program beneficial for you (if your internet connection is too slow, or if you cannot free up enough time, you’ll get frustrated, with no real value, given the time spent on the program)
  • Fill the application form below
  • You will receive a confirmation by email
  • Bootcamp starts on 2 November at 9.00 am in the training classroom in Foetz, Luxembourg.

Teachers for My Compass

Our teachers give you the best of their skills and knowledge. Each of our teachers also works as a freelancer and has a real professional experience to share.

Apply for this Course

My Compass is an orientation bootcamp for young adults in Luxembourg, delivered online three and a half days per week for six weeks in row The next session begins on 2 November.

Training dates : 2 November – 10 December

Session currently underway (registration is closed)


Partners & sponsors

My Compass would not exist without our  partners.


Supported and co-funded by Inco Academy and J.P. Morgan Foundation.