Winning formula for a junior developer

How do you become a web developer working on an innovative project with the latest web technologies in a dynamic and ambitious team that is dedicated to making a difference ? And this in just under a year from writing your first lines of HTML and CSS ?

Filipe Campos tells the story of how he became a junior developer, now working in a startup based in Luxembourg city. For this testimonial, Filipe is joined by his new colleagues at Augment : Rida Klink (CEO) and Jade Ghadry (Head of Software Engineering).

At NumericALL, we are delighted to see these very encouraging testimonials about the success of Coding Jobs for a young developer, which is also the confirmation of the winning formula we have been working with, for more than five years, to support the career paths of ambitous and hard-working trainees. This trajectory leverages the combined efforts of the trainees’ strong motivation and dedication to learning, an intensive technical training, a thorough employability coaching, the ongoing monitoring and trainee support from ADEM, and last, but not least, the network connections and the tools ADEM provides for employers in the local ecosytem.

Filipe bravely joined our CodeStart session in late 2019, which we managed to maintain through the pandemic, respecting all the rigourous conditions imposed, together with the Ministry of Education. With a solid foundation acquired in coding, Filipe, followed through with the full professional certification provided by the Coding Jobs web developer bootcamp, offered by ADEM and NumericALL.

Now working with cutting edge web technologies in an innovative startup, Filipe has every chance to take on new challenges, to continue on his learning path as a developer, and to invest fully in his career.

Well done Filipe !

Watch Filipe’s testimonial video made by ADEM, on Youtube.