Final Projects Coding Jobs Session 6

Completion of Session 6 of Coding Jobs web development bootcamp at the CNFPC in Esch-sur-Alzette / Belval, with 4 external jury members representing local IT companies and ADEM. The three teams presented the fruits of their work to finalise tis intensive journey of four months and earn their well-deserved web integrator and web developer certificates. Congratulation once again to all the developers in this session !



Lëtz Breathe !

Catiana, Sandrine, and Paul developed application for monitoring air quality in Luxembourg.


With special thanks to Simon, our back end trainer and project supervisor for the three groups of this session.

CryptoHunch is a Learn & Earn web app for a community focused on earning while learning from others. Developed & presented by Michael, Hanal, Kasia, and Tom.

Akram, Mike, Michel, and Steven present their solution for communities to reduce food waste and share meals.

Coding jobs Session 6 from 31 August to 22 December 2022, at CNFPC  Batiment Terres Rouge, Esch-sur-Alzette.


Many thanks to Carlo, Daniel, Romano,  Hari, and Ben for forming the external jury for this project defense.


Congratulations to Catiana, Sandrine, Paul, Kasia, Micheal, Hanal, Tom, Mike, Michel, Steven and Akram.