Our coding school based in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg, offers a full stack web development training. More than 280 junior full stack developers have already followed the “Coding Jobs” program and have found a new job in IT.

Watch the video  of testimonials by Coding Jobs alumni

Hours of training

Trainer-lead coding classes for limited-sized classes, taught  by professional web developers.

Days employability coaching

Work on a Career Plan and  professional “soft skills”.  Prepare for your fist job as developer.


15 sessions of the web developer bootcamp since 2015 have certified more than 280 trainees

Coding Jobs

Coding Jobs is a program that includes 490 hours of trainer-lead coding classes, a 5-day Employability module with workshops focusing on career development and “soft skills”,  and a dedicated mentoring program

This combination is a proven success, ensuring that trainees can become professional junior web developers immediately on graduation.

After six sessions of Fit4Coding in 2016-17, and six sessions of Fit4CodingJobs in 2018-19 with the European Social Fund, now in 2020 our web development bootcamp continues with ADEM and the Minstry of Education as Coding Jobs : the same program reinforced, at the C.N.F.P.C. in Esch-sur-Alzette.

490 hours to become a junior full stack developer

and to begin a new career in IT

#css     #html     #javascript

#git     #php     #mysql     #angular

#wordpress     #laravel

We’ve trained more than 280 certified junior developers

Meet our alumni and find out more about their new jobs in real life

Bobby S. — Front end developer and web designer

Fabio G.  — Software engineer

Liliana G. — Application developer

Stefano P. — Front end developer

Diana C. —  Back-end developer

Our latest news

NEW DATES for My Compass 17 May – 25 June

The new training session begins on 17 MAY and finishes on 25 JUNE 2021

Sign up here for 6 weeks of intensive online training with web professionals and a career coach- lead your way in the web !

Striving for a career in the web ? This is for you ! Join the cohort and take part in an an exciting an dynamic programme with learners based in Luxembourg – of many nationalities from all over the world.

For young adults in Luxembourg. Discover the jobs related to the web. Learn how to build a path towards these jobs. 6 weeks online training. 3 ½ days per week. Cost is subsidised (no fees for participants)

Learn about jobs in the web, while you work on a personal project : design and develop a website, market it and learn how to manage a community around your brand. In parallel, create an action plan to get the skills you need to find the job you want.

Pro testimonials – meet a web professional every week and discover the jobs of :

  • web designer
  • web developer
  • webmaster
  • web marketer
  • community manager

My Compass – orientation bootcamp for jobs in the web

Whom is it for?

Young adults, 18-29 years old.  Living in Luxembourg. Currently NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training). No academic prerequisites. Passion for the web, and eagerness to learn about the related jobs. Motivation to move on and build your own path towards such jobs

What do you get?

1. Upgrade of your computer skills. Hands-on, practical, technical training : designing, developing and marketing a website. Getting a clear understanding of 5 key jobs related to the web: Web designer,Web Developer, Webmaster, Web Marketer, Community Manager.

2. Coaching to assist you in understanding your potential and identifying how to build the key competencies to get one of these jobs

3. An action plan to build such competencies and get closer to the employment market

How does it work?

It is ONLINE with live trainers.  Two ½ days of technical training (Monday & Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. & Thurs. p.m.).  One day (Friday) of employability coaching, to work on your job aspirations, build your career plan,and understand how to build the skills you may be missing.

What does it take to participate ?

A strong interest in the web, motivation to upgrade one’s skills. Good level in English. Basic computer skills. Positive environment (space, noise) to train online for 6 consecutive weeks. Computer with a good internet connection.

Any questions ? Let us know info@numericall.com

Sign up for the course and we’ll call you for a telephone interview. Lead your way in the web.

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